Cadets Commandment

Cadets Commandment

The Nation: The Nation’s honour and interest comes first, always and every time.

The Services: We pledge to maintain the traditions of the DCA and keep them always bright and strong.

The Academy: We are proud of the Defence Career Academy. We will at all times endeavour to uphold its reputation by our conduct, bearing and manners both within and outside the campus.

The Houses of Cadets We are a family. We are loyal to each other. We act as one single entity.

Truth: We will always follow the harder right rather than the easier wrong.

Discipline: We will obey all orders at once. We will never leave a task unless permitted to do so by a superior.

Punctuality: We will make punctuality our second nature.

Supervision: We will work without any need of supervision. Supervision is unnecessary when duty is performed conscientiously.

Work and Play: We will work hard and play hard. We will keep ourselves physically fit, mentally alert and morally upright.

Gentlemen: As future officers of the Armed Services we will learn to conduct ourselves as gentlemen.